Clients we work well with

After much analysis of the marketplace, and previous experience working with companies of all sizes in all different industries, we have determined there is a core group of businesses who benefit most from pay-per-performance digital marketing partnerships.

We’ve identified characteristics that most of our clients share – if your company fits this profile, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about what a potential partnership between companies might look like.


Does your company fit the profile?

  • Start-ups with innovative products or services (and a clear differentiator in the marketplace) – special preference toward Ecommerce retailers who sell direct
  • Law firms with specific practice area & regional areas of focus
  • High-growth companies with aggressive revenue goals and a need to track revenue back to marketing efforts
  • Companies with small internal marketing teams, in need of partners to take ownership of digital marketing performance
  • Companies who are willing to take calculated risks in order to be leaders in their respective digital spaces
  • Companies who aren’t afraid to publish content on their website – content is a critical component of showing up in the search engines, so being open to publishing content is key
  • Marketing teams who work closely with sales and are aligned on sales goals (aren’t afraid to take on “quotas”)
  • Companies who are invested in Salesforce as a CRM

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    Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully.
    Account executives at CoMarket manage a maximum of four accounts at one time,
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