Content Creation

As part of every digital marketing program, CoMarket dedicates a writer to your account to assist with all forms of content creation:

  • Writing & optimizing new content pages for a website
  • Editing & optimizing existing website pages
  • Writing & optimizing blog posts
  • Publishing press releases
  • Writing video scripts
  • Writing & posting social media updates
  • Publishing whitepapers / guides of any length
  • Writing product / services descriptions

We can work with existing content writers on your team to edit and optimize content, or can create content from scratch – we’re flexible and open to whatever arrangement works best for your business.

Though our team has the ability and willingness to assist with all content creation needs, we do have one requirement. In the spirit of focusing on tactics that truly move the needle, any content we write will be tied to a conversion or SEO goal. If there’s not a measurable objective tied to a content need, it’s probably best handled by internal resources on your team.

At CoMarket, we’re in the business of driving revenue for your business, so will stay focused on that goal throughout our partnership

Content Promotion

Each month, our team will work with you to publish a content calendar, tying every piece of content planned back to a specific goal & measurable objective.

These calendars include the channels in which we plan to promote each piece, as well as a suggested paid budget (if one is required). We can publish these content calendars in a variety of formats, so will work with you to find the format that works best for your team.

Promoting content typically involves very manual outreach, and can often be the most time intensive of all digital marketing strategies.

Tactics our team might use to promote content include:

  • LinkedIn outreach to influencers
  • Twitter outreach to influencers
  • Facebook outreach to followers / fans
  • 1:1 email outreach to industry publications / websites
  • Paid social advertising campaigns
  • Sponsored content opportunities
  • Organic optimization of content

CoMarket programs include ALL services, and access to the tools below. 
We don’t charge clients by service – we manage all channels necessary to get the job done.