Google & Bing PPC Campaign Management

At CoMarket, our approach to paid advertising is much like working your way up a pyramid. We start most engagements with basic Google paid search campaigns. As part of setup, our team includes the following:

  • Campaign structure build
  • Text Ad development
  • Image Ad development
  • Landing page optimization (design, content & form updates)
  • Thank you page development
  • Asset & Offer development / optimization
  • Tracking code setup on all ads
  • Remarketing implementation
  • Campaign launch
  • Targeting optimization
  • Bid, Budget & Placement optimization
  • Initial Performance Review & Reporting
  • Ad evaluations and recommendations

Once the Google campaigns launch, CoMarket’s team continually tests ads, landing pages and keyword match types to ensure Cost Per Leads are optimized to maximum potential. When we hit your cost per lead and lead goals, our team will roll out similar campaigns in Bing to ensure we’re capturing the majority of your target market.

When our team sees success in all three search engines, we may recommend expanding into additional channels, or rolling out targeted display campaigns within the three search engines. Recommendations will depend on strategy and client-specific goals, but we will work with you on determining the best course of action as we hit CPL and conversion milestones.

Social Advertising Campaign Management

Facebook advertising allows businesses to reach audiences based on location, age, gender, interests and behaviors. Facebook’s remarketing capabilities through custom audiences gives you the ability to serve more personalized ads to those already engaged with your business.

Twitter ads can be run to promote previous tweets shown organically in your newsfeed to new targeted audiences, or can be used to promote tweets directly to specific targeted audiences. Twitter’s remarketing capabilities allow the creation of tailored audiences, which enable businesses to serve custom promoted tweets to users already engaged with your business.

LinkedIn Ads allow businesses to target individuals based on job title, function, seniority, and company by creating and placing ads on prominent pages on LinkedIn to promote a brand, business or products.

Outbrain is a third-party platform that uses 50+ algorithms to serve content to targeted audiences across a network of publishers. It works just like Google in that advertisers pay per click, though the ability to choose the publishers where ads show up is somewhat limited

CoMarket programs include ALL services listed above, and access to the tools below. 
We don’t charge clients by service – we manage all channels necessary to get the job done.